Equal Partners at Work and at Home?

Happy New Year! Happy Inauguration! Just some very quick updates for January…

I am reading a great book that I’d like to share – Good Guys. The book is written for men who want to be allies to gender equality in their work space, and I think it is an important read even for men (including those reading this) who already consider themselves gender allies. I find that in many areas of life we don’t allow ourselves the space to improve simply because we think we’re already good enough. (Myself included.) Well, I think it would be hard for anyone get through Good Guys and not pick up a few more tips.

No surprise, Chapter 3: To Be Legit as an Ally, Start at Home, is my favorite. The chapter opens with the statement “Nothing delegitimizes your ally brand so quickly as slinging on the ally cape to impress women at work, without fully supporting your partner at home.” Yes! I think the reverse could also be said.

It is hard to see problems that we don’t actually face ourselves. This book is a good start in helping men “see” what women face in the work force. I think Good Guys would be an excellent gift for a man graduating from high school or college this spring, and/or a guy starting a new job.

Huge thanks to Emily Robinson who told me about the #ShareTheLoad campaign. This effort began in 2015 by Ariel laundry detergent, and aims to change gender norms in India by portraying men and boys doing laundry in advertisements. Obviously, this is but a drop in the bucket – parity goes far beyond laundry. But every bit helps.

Do you fit into one of these two categories?

1. Newlyweds, those engaged, those who just moved in together for the first time – or are planning to do so soon.

2. Those people expecting their first baby, or who just had/adopted their first baby in the last few months.

3. Grandparents who helped with a new baby. (This does not have to be recent.) Maybe a grandpa and/or grandma who stayed with the new family for several weeks when the first baby was born? Or came to help when the new parents had to transition back to work?

If so, I’d love to send you a follow up email. Nothing long, I promise! But if you are willing, I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you more specifically about your huge life milestone. Just drop me an email at katemangino@gmail.com. Or feel free to send this to a friend who might be willing to chat. Thanks! See you all in February.