What sets "Equal Partners" apart...

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I wanted to share a few aspects of Equal Partners that I am especially excited about — things that make this book different from others:

An inclusive definition of partnership. It doesn’t matter how a couple identifies – all humans who pair up face the universal challenge of balancing home and work. Equal Partners is for same-sex, different-sex, non-binary, and queer couples.

Engaging community in the process. We do not exist in a vacuum; we are heavily influenced by family and friends. So, Equal Partners brings the concept of community into the household gender conversation. This book is not just for couples – but also for their parents, grandparents, family, friends and neighbors.

For everyday people with everyday budgetsEqual Partners does not assume you have a full-time nanny, a Monday-Friday work week, or a 6-figure salary.

Taking an appreciative approach. To collect stories about how people make equality work, Equal Partners highlights what men can do right - as opposed to looking at what men are doing wrong. I am interviewing 50+ men from the U.S. and Canada who are contributing equally in their home. These are not guys who change the occasional diaper or men who “help out” when asked. But men who truly take on half of the home’s physical and emotional labor.

I published a new Medium article this week that talks about how Doug Emhoff’s campaign slogan I Got You can transition into the every day household. (Doug is married to Kamala Harris.) I think the message is clear, but I realize that my readers are likely women or men who are already striving to be an equal partner. But who I really want to reach, of course, are those Hands On guys that could do much more.

If you have ideas about how to reach this audience, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send me an email (katemangino@gmail.com) or leave a comment.

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